Mom Who Gave Birth in 7-Eleven Parking Lot Deserves Free Slurpees for Life (VIDEO)

Tye and Chad MalleyWow, there have been a lot of unusual birth stories this week. First there was the woman who gave birth at her own wedding, then the woman who delivered twins in two separate countries on the same day, and now comes the story of a Florida baby who made his entrance into the world just feet away from a Slurpee machine.

Little Cais Malley was born in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in Melbourne Florida. It happened last month, when his mother Tye started having contractions. It was her third child, so she knew it was time, and they headed to the hospital. Only they didn't make it very far.


According to Florida Today, about three miles from their home, Tye told her husband, Chad, to pull over. They were looking for a place they could easily identify for the 911 operator, so 7-Eleven it was. Once they pulled in, things happened quickly, right there in their Ford Explorer. Tye told the station:

I could hear him say, "Oh, baby’s crowning." The whole time it was kind of a blur to me. I could see a crowd of people coming around the car, meantime I was still screaming, so people probably weren't sure if I was dying or having a baby.

Talking to the 911 operator through the whole thing, Chad, a firefighter with EMT training, used his shoelace to tie off the umbilical cord. Emergency workers arrived minutes later, but mom and baby were healthy and fine. As they said, it definitely gives new meaning to the convenience store's slogan, "Oh thank heaven."

They say their friends have already nicknamed the little guy "Big Gulp," which seems pretty fitting. "He was 9 pounds, 10.5 ounces," Tye said. "Makes me have a big gulp when I think about it.”

I think they deserve free Slurpees for life, no?

What's the most unusual birth story you've heard?


Image via Florida Today

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