Mom Narrowly Avoids C-Section With Determination & Vacuum Extraction (VIDEO)

mom and daughterWhen pregnant we all have ideas about how we want the births of our children to go. Whether it's naturally or with drugs, at home or in a hospital, we prep and plan for the birth experience we desire. Only sometimes things don't go as planned. 

Mom Mary Beth recently shared her birth story with CafeMom Studios, and it's one of both determination and a little medical intervention.

Though she was overdue with her daughter, she declined to be induced because she knew she would be at a higher risk for a C-section delivery. So she waited, and spent time with family, enjoying her pregnancy and the kicks her daughter was delivering. Even when labor started, she went out to dinner, scaring the waiter with her wincing.


Once at the hospital the baby wouldn't come down far enough, even though she was fully dilated. After she pushed for four hours, the doctors gave her 10 minutes, and said if she could push her down far enough, they'd attempt a vacuum extraction. If not, it would be time for a C-section.

So she pushed, with all of her might. Inspired by a nurse cheering her on, she managed to do it. The doctor was able to use the vacuum to help get the baby out, and at a healthy 8 pounds, 9 ounces, Cora Ireland entered the world.

"She was a big girl and I felt every bit of it," Mary Beth says. "But t was totally worth it." Here she is telling her story.


How did your birth go differently than you'd planned?


Image via CafeMom Studios/YouTube

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