Gun-Shooting Camp for Kids Is Paid for By Police

gunsThe Chicago firearms buyback program is one of those initiatives that is supposed to make the community safer. Well, not anymore. One pro-gun group has turned things around on unsuspecting cops.

The Guns Save Life organization sold a bunch of old, broken rifles to police and then used the money to buy guns and ammo for an NRA-sponsored shooting camp for kids. Oh, the irony!


In exchange for 60 weapons, including 10 that were manufactured before 1898, BB guns, and one pump-action shotgun that was held together with duct tape, they walked away with $6,240 to kick start their pistol-packed playdates. The real head scratcher is why the cops would buy old, rickety guns. The whole point is to get deadly weapons off the street, not useless relics.

"They recognized it for the junk it was," the group's president John Boch said of the sale. "At one of the locations, one of the detectives was very tenacious ... And hit the guys with a flurry of questions like 'Where the hell did you get these, from a graveyard?'" Well, looks like the joke is on the Chicago PD. They are paying for the guns being given out to young people.

The whole idea of this camp is scary and extremely dangerous. Kids shouldn't be allowed anywhere near firearms for the same reason they can’t drive, drink, or go to war. They are just too young and irresponsible. 

Do you think kids should learn to shoot real guns?


Image via mikejmartelli/Flickr

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