Quick-Thinking Woman Rescues 2 Kids in Runaway Van (VIDEO)

runaway vanBefore I begin to tell you about the amazing woman who rescued two kids from a moving van, I just want to say that I do NOT think the mother of those two kids, who left them in the van while she went into a store, is some kind of neglectful monster. We've all been tempted at some point or another:

Oh well, I just have to run in the store to get toilet paper/batteries/milk. It's only gonna take me a minute or two; is it really worth getting the kids unbuckled and out of their car seats for just to buckle them back in a minute later? (This is an especially understandable thought for a weary parent to have if one or more children is sleeping.)

Of course, there's a reason why most of the time, most of us have the good sense to suck it up and drag the kids inside the store with us -- because if we don't, this is the kind of thing that could happen (and there might not be an awesome good samaritan type like Leslie Bicknell around to save the day).


Here's what happened: Leslie Bicknell pulled her minivan into a parking space outside of an Albuquerque, N.M., strip mall only to find that -- YIKES -- a very small child was in the driver's seat of the van in the adjacent space. Uh-oh. Then she noticed ANOTHER small child in the van. THEN she noticed that the keys were in the ignition, which was really really bad when the kid in the driver's seat decided to shift the van into gear.

"I knew what was going to happen," said Bicknell.

Here's the part that makes you think Whoa, there really must be something to that whole guardian angel thing or How's that for dumb luck or Talk about a near miss!

Bicknell jumped out of her truck to try and stop the van from going straight into traffic-- and in the process, somehow shifted her own vehicle into gear, which then rolled behind the van with the 2 kids inside just before it rolled into the intersection!!!


Yup. And that's the last time you or I will ever consider leaving a child in the car for the teensiest inconvenient second again. EVER.

Have you ever been tempted ot leave the kids in the car for just a second?

Image via ABC

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