Twins Born in Separate Countries on Same Day!

twin toesIt's such a cool birth story, you would think Donna Keenan might have planned it, but she didn't. The 28-year-old woman was watching the Euro 2012 with her boyfriend at her parents' home in England on July 1. She'd just returned from a routine checkup, and everything seemed fine. Then just an hour and a half later, she went into labor.

According to the BBC, there was no time to get to the hospital, so they called paramedics. Her son Dylan Joseph was born at about 10 p.m. at the home.

But the story didn't end there, as Keenan was pregnant with twins. The emergency workers thought they had enough time to get to the hospital for the second birth, so off they went.


The nearest hospital was an hour away -- in Scotland. Hannah Rose was born there about an hour and a half later. That's right, the twins were born in separate countries! How incredible is that?

They were almost born on separate days too, which would have only added even more insanity to this story. Dad, Joel Fox, joked to The Sun, “I joked to Donna she should hold on as long as possible — but I don’t think it went down too well!”

Though the babies were born prematurely, they're reportedly doing well. Their biggest challenge may be who to root for when the countries face off against each other in sporting events. Talk about instant sibling rivalry.

While it would be nice if everyone's birth experience went according to plan, that's clearly not the case for everyone. From brides who give birth at the own weddings to those who give birth while flying the friendly skies, things just don't always go as planned. While they're surely fraught-filled at the time, in the end, most of them, like this one, have happy endings ... and give the parents and kids a hell of a story to tell for life.

What's the strangest birth story you have heard?

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