Woman Gives Birth at Her Own Wedding

wedding cakePlenty of women dream of getting married and having children, but most don't think about doing both on the same day. That was the reality, however, for one bride recently who actually went into labor and had her baby at her own wedding.

According to AFP, it happened this past Saturday, July 7, in Western France. The woman was cutting it a bit close, considering that her due date was July 14, but she thought things would be okay. She thought wrong.


Jean-Robert Gachet, mayor of Jallais, was the officiant of the 11 a.m. ceremony. He told the AFP he tried to hurry things along as the bride was “definitely a bit worn out," but that they "put that down to the stress of the wedding."

They made it through the vows, and the guests headed to the reception to await the arrival of the new bride and groom ... only the bride and groom never made it. While posing for pictures, the bride felt strong contractions and went back inside the town hall. There was no time to get to a hospital. Emergency workers were called, and at 12:15 p.m. she delivered her little boy.

“The cry of the new born boy was an emotional moment! It was a first for us and for the emergency services,” Gachet said.

Wow, talk about a memorable day. It would be difficult to know where the wedding album stops and the baby book begins. As mama and baby are said to be doing well, at least the story has a happy ending though. 

People have delivered babies in some pretty unexpected places, but I think this story might just take the cake. Speaking of which, I sure hope somebody thought to save this mama some of her wedding cake!

What was the most unexpected thing about your birth? About your wedding?

Image via Etereal9/Flickr

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