6-Year-Old Wakes From Coma With a Whole New Personality

Zoe Rain BernsteinEver have one of those days when your kid is annoying the pants off of you, and you wonder who made off with your sweet child and left this pain in the butt in her place? Sometimes it seems like their personalities change overnight. And for Zoe Rain Bernstein, that is almost literally what happened ... with a little help from a car accident.

The 6-year-old was in a booster seat when her dad crashed his truck, but she bore the brunt of the accident. When Zoe woke up from a month-long coma, her mom Kelsie said she was a different person. Her personality had changed completely.


Just think about this for a second. Your child is there in front of you, looking like herself, sounding like herself, but she is not the same person. I really have to hand it to Zoe's mom for her positive attitude through all of this -- she talked to Patch about how her daughter is a miracle, and she's working hard (despite a mountain of medical bills) to do everything she can for her daughter. The plan is to get Zoe back to elementary school this fall.

It's one of those shocking stories that really makes you step back and say, "gee, maybe I don't have it so bad." At least the phases that kids go through will end in our household ... at least until another one starts up. 

Zoe suffered head trauma, and she had to relearn a bulk of the basic skills she'd developed as a toddler -- from talking to using the bathroom. Even now that she's out of the hospital and functioning more like her peers, Zoe has attention deficit disorder and behavior issues that didn't exist before the accident, and there's no sign that they'll go away.

It's something to think about the next time you're struggling through one of those phases that last for weeks and sometimes months with your kid, even with the experts telling you that "this too shall pass."

It's a relief to hear your kid is being a "normal" kid, but let me tell you, there's a piece of me that is sometimes a bit disappointed that there isn't something "wrong" that they can just fix! But you plug away. You keep your discipline consistent. And then, like that it seems, they realize you aren't going to stop disciplining her for her bad behavior. The happy, cooperative kid comes back ... eventually.

Zoe's family still needs a lot of help in her recovery -- donations are being accepted for her huge medical bills at Love Zoe Rain.

Does your kid have days when their personality is completely different? How do you deal?


Image via Love Zoe Rain Donation Site

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