Super Human Fetus Kicks Mom So Hard She Crashes Car

manged carAnd you thought toddlers were destructive. Spaghetti sauce wall murals and broken DVD players are nothing compared to the damage one seemingly harmless fetus caused recently. That's right, a fetus. We've been totally underestimating the power and strength of those little guys. A 32-year-old pregnant woman was just driving along peacefully when her unborn baby gave her such a sharp kick in the loins she totally lost control of her car.


Those jabs can catch you offguard, all right, make you pee your pants in public, and shriek audibly in the middle of business meetings. (That was so embarrassing.) But this little guy's (or gal's) kick must have been of bionic proportions to cause the mom that much pain that she couldn't see straight.

The car veered off the road and hit a lamppost, causing the car to turn on its side, sliding garden fence where it came to a halt in a mangled mess. The car was so smashed up that a passerby had to get the woman out through the trunk. The woman was checked out at the hospital for minor injuries and the super baby is fine. Well, of course, that baby is fine!

How funny that most of us who tell our friends, "Yep, the kid totalled the car again" are talking about our children who are teenagers or at least delinquent tweens. Betcha this is the first ever "my fetus totalled my car" story in the history of parenting stories in the entire universe and beyond.

Unless YOUR fetus once crashed your car? Do tell!


Image via rictic/Flickr

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