Toddler Nearly Drowns in Major Childcare Fail (VIDEO)

toddler rescueOne mom recently had a very scary day. Her 18-month-old daughter fell into a river and it was only luck that saved her. A rescue team looking for a missing man just happened to spot the little girl and saved her life.

Apparently, an adult family friend was watching the girl and her older brother for the mom. The "sitter" left the toddler alone to chase after the older child when he ran off -- how many times have we all had to do that? -- and that's when she fell into the river. By the time the little girl was spotted floating face-down, blue, in the water, her mother was close enough to run in and pull her out.



Well, first of all, I should say the child is fine now. She wasn't breathing when she was found, but the rescue team resuscitated her and she was flown to a hospital. She was released in good health the next day.

I see an awful lot of drowning toddler stories -- sometimes two or three a day. It's astonishingly common, especially in the summer. And it makes me paranoid about the very idea of toddlers being anywhere near water! But it's summer and we all need to cool off, right?

As for the adult watching those two kids ... I don't know. I think it's easy to say that person should have scooped up the toddler and carried her with them before chasing after the runaway 3-year-old. But sometimes we all make split-second judgments. Maybe it was just so hot, and the sitter was so irritated by the older child, and she thought it would take seconds to catch up? Or maybe she just didn't think about the potential danger. At any rate, it makes me empathize with those parents who use a leash to keep their toddlers safe! Watching more than one small child can be a juggling act.

What are your tips for managing two or more small children at the same time?


Image via KTLA

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