Mom Sets Up Horrifying Boxing Match Between Toddlers (VIDEO)

With all of the violence and rudeness in today's world, parents should be teaching their kids how to behave and treat each other with respect. But one mother instead decided to teach her toddler, who appears to be around 3 years old, to throw punches like a boxer -- at another toddler. The woman, who remains unidentified because no charges have yet been filed, videotaped two young toddler girls fighting while she shouted encouragements like, "Got some action!" and "Y'all better ball up some fists!" The toddlers scream hysterically while slamming their little fists into each other. You can probably guess what happened next -- the woman posted the video to Facebook.


After posting the video, one of her friends saw it and sent the video to a local television station, KTVI, in St. Louis, Missouri. Said the woman, "In the black community ... it's really sickening that these kids are learning how to fight, getting guns and stuff ... it shouldn't be going on." She added that she hoped the child was taken away from her mother until she can "better herself."

The TV station handed the video over to child welfare officials, but they would not say if the mother is being investigated. In the video, she is laughing in the background and seems to think there's nothing wrong with what she's doing -- which would explain sharing it with her pals on Facebook. The friend who handed the tape over to the TV station said she thinks the mom is "training" her daughter for school.

Maybe the mother thought she should teach her daughter some fisticuffs for daycare. Or in case she got a bully in kindergarten, she'd be prepared. I'm not excusing the situation, what she is doing is teaching these kids to be violent. Not to mention that the girls could have seriously injured each other. Plus, kids aren't roosters to be put into a ring to fight it out for adult entertainment. In fact, that shouldn't be done to roosters either!

But I don't think the mother thought she was doing anything wrong. Maybe the kids had been fighting previously and she wrongly imagined encouraging them was funny and would get it out of their system. Who knows. The tragic fact is what she is teaching these young toddlers is probably what she was taught herself.

Here is the video of the toddlers fighting. Be warned it's disturbing.

Do you think this mother needs to go to jail -- or needs counseling? Or both?

Image via KTVI

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