Model Miranda Kerr's Judgy Comments About Epidurals Make Her Worse Than Gisele Bundchen

Miranda Kerr & baby FlynnJust when I thought no celeb mom could possibly get more judgemental and opinionated than Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr had to open her mouth and indirectly accuse pregnant women who get epidurals of drugging their babies.

In a new interview with Harper's Bazaar UK, Kerr talked about her birthing plan when she delivered her son, Flynn, and said she decided to give birth naturally after watching videos on babies bonding with their mothers immediately after delivery. Of an infant whose mom chose to have an epidural, Miranda said, "The baby was a little bit drugged up and I was like, 'Well, I don’t want that.' I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could."


The baby was drugged up? Really? Huh. I'm glad Miranda's modeling career somehow makes her a medical expert when it comes to what makes a newborn appear "drugged." (Seriously, what is it with these models? Are she and Gisele comparing notes or something?)

I was in labor with my son for 24 hours, and I actually wound up having an epidural and a spinal block to manage my pain. And you know what? When my little guy made his entrance into the world, he was about as alert as newborn babies can possibly get. Even the nurses were all commenting on how "present" he seemed in the moment, and how aware he was of his new surroundings and everyone around him. He certainly wasn't the slightest bit "drugged up," -- and my decision to have an epidural did not harm him in any way.

It's all well and good that Miranda wanted to go the natural route when she had her son, but choosing to forgo an epidural doesn't make her any sort of martyr, and it doesn't make her any better than moms who decide having an epidural is the best plan for them. Pregnant women should respect each other for their individual choices when it comes to childbirth instead of tearing each other down and trying to make each other feel inferior.

Whether her comments were intentionally meant as a slap or not, Miranda could've voiced her opinions on natural childbirth without having to put other moms down for their own, personal decisions. Being a supermodel doesn't give her the right to act like she's better than the rest of the world (unless she truly is trying to take over Gisele Bundchen's title of the most hated celeb mom in America).

Are you planning on having an epidural, or going the natural route, and why?


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