Fire Truck Rescues Dad Who Got Stuck in Tree Hanging Daughter's Swing (VIDEO)

Dad Stuck in TreeOh, this poor dad. There he was trying to hang a swing for his young daughter from a tree in what appears to be their front yard in Lincoln, Nebraska. Then, for some reason, he gets stuck in the tree and is unable to get down.

Not sure what else to do, his fiance calls the fire department. She assures them it's no joke -- and no, not a cat, but a man -- and a big old fire truck along with a police escort show up to rescue him. The poor guy, who looks all sorts of buff and tough, is incredibly embarrassed, but his fiance films the whole thing. She tries to contain her laughter, but she just can't help it. "I'm sorry babe, you're going to laugh at this later," she tells him. 


I love how he gets the swing in place before he climbs down the ladder. I go between finding the whole thing hilariously funny and feeling truly sorry for the guy. The firefighters do an amazing job at keeping straight faces, but you know they're going to have a good laugh later. Hopefully, the dad will find it funny at some point.

Parenthood puts us in so many crazy situations and places we'd never thought we'd be. You think you know embarrassing until you have a child who gives the word an entirely new meaning. From the inappropriate things that come out of their mouths at the worst possible times to those public tantrums that leave you wanting the ground to swallow you up, parenting comes with plenty of red-faced moments. The best thing we can do is to just laugh at ourselves, because lord knows plenty of other people are.

What's the most embarrassing position in which your children have ever put you?


Image via YouTube

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