'Infertile' Mom Gets Pregnant With Quadruplets -- Naturally!

baby feetCharlene Medlicott had given up on the idea of ever being pregnant after doctors told her she was infertile when she was only 15 years old. She had been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, which is a condition that makes it very difficult to become pregnant.

Doctors were sure it would never happen for Charlene, so you can only imagine her complete and total shock when she wound up conceiving quadruplets naturally five years later, at the age of 20!! The idea that she and her husband were expecting a baby was a surprise enough in itself -- but to hear they actually had four little ones on the way? OMG. The word "disbelief" doesn't seem to do their story justice.


Of course, carrying multiples can be a bit scary and risky, which is why doctors advised Charlene to undergo selective reduction to eliminate two of her babies. She and her husband refused, and now six months later, they have four beautiful daughters, Evelynn, Gracie-Lou, Rosaline, and Amalia-Rose.

The odds of conceiving quadruplets naturally and without the help of fertility treatments are twenty-five-million-to-one, which makes the birth of these four babies even more miraculous. They were definitely meant to be, even though Charlene never dreamed she'd actually become pregnant and give birth to her own biological children.

Being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome can be so devastating, but hearing how Charlene and her four gorgeous little girls defied the odds should give other couples hope that their dream of having kids isn't necessarily over because of that diagnosis. And if she was able to conceive four babies, surely there must be a chance of other women with this condition becoming pregnant with one!

Do you know anyone who's had trouble getting pregnant because of polycystic ovaries?


Image via sethbaur/Flickr

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