'Stillborn' Baby Performs Miracle for Mom in the Delivery Room

baby handCan you think of anything worse as an expectant mother than being told that your baby has died inside your womb and will be stillborn upon delivery? Hearing those words is nothing short of horrific and devastating for a pregnant woman, as Alex Jones knows all too well.

When she was six months pregnant, Alex was told that her unborn baby boy did not have a heartbeat -- and she was advised to go ahead and make funeral arrangements so that he could be buried immediately after delivery. (Horrible!)

She was forced to give birth to her baby boy (which she did naturally) even though she knew he was going to be stillborn. And then right after his delivery -- something unimaginable happened.


Alex, her own mother, and her midwife all got the biggest shock of their lives when the tiny baby boy started wriggling his toes, and let out a groan indicating that he was breathing -- and very much alive.

And while the baby, named Cohan, was in intensive care at the hospital for five months where he faced numerous obstacles, he did indeed, survive -- and he just celebrated his 1st birthday. He's happy, healthy, and thriving, and he's an incredible miracle to his family and all of the doctors and nurses who witnessed his amazing recovery.

It must have been so surreal for Alex to go from thinking she was going to give birth to her son and then bury him right afterwards to seeing him move and hearing him make noise -- and realizing that the doctors were somehow wrong about his condition. She now believes that his minuscule size is the reason why they were unable to hear his heartbeat, even though he did, indeed, have one.

Stories like hers prove that you can never give up hope for seeing a miracle happen, even when situations in your life seem absolutely impossible.

Have you ever witnessed a miracle?


Image via Micah Sittig/Flickr

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