Parents Take 5-Year-Old Daughter Swimming With Sharks (VIDEO)

snorkelingIf swimming with sharks sounds like your kind of vacation activity, congratulations. You're officially a lot braver than me. Now for the big question: would you bring your 5-year-old daughter along?

The parents of 5-year-old Anaia did. And they actually let her swim off without them, bobbing in the water with an instructor from the shark swim adventure company and, of course, the sharks. I guess that makes them braver than me too. But does it make them crazy?


It just might. Here, take a look at the little girl swimming with the dangerous sea creatures:

We have a happy story because little Anaia is fine, better than fine even. She had fun! She didn't get hurt!

Her parents Elana and David come off as pretty cool in an interview with RightThisMinute, where they explain how they let their daughter swim off with the instructor and a red buoy. As Anaia says, she wasn't scared because her Mommy told her not to be: that's something we all hope to instill in our kids.

So for a second there, you're thinking, well, at least they're not helicopter parents! They don't make their kid afraid of everything! Free range for the win!

But as much as I want to congratulate them, I just can't see following them into the water with my little girl. I couldn't help watching this video, and then the interview, and thinking what the reaction would have been if the ending was different. If Anaia had been hurt doing something so obviously unnecessary and potentially dangerous, parents the world over would be castigating them for their lack of common sense. No one would be saying "oh cool." And the fact that they let her go off with an instructor would be viewed as cold and uncaring.

Ever notice that a lot of the planning of a family vacation involves scheduling a lot of stuff that will thrill your kid and bore you to tears? Welcome to parenting. We skip out on a lot of really awesome adult activities when we have kids because we choose to have kids. It's not their fault. It's ours!

So what does that say about the 5-year-old who swam with sharks? Honestly? It's cool, but it's at least a little crazy.

What do you think of letting a 5-year-old swim with sharks?


Image via ElanaJoy86/YouTube

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