Man Exposes Baby to Heat Wave Trying to Fold Up Stroller (VIDEO)

mom vs. manOh strollers, how can something so convenient be so, I don't know, inconvenient?!? For some reason, every last one of them is a total pain to fold. I know moms who've managed to avoid folding their stroller ever. They just couldn't -- there was too much crap stowed underneath and behind the thing. 

Well it's not just moms who hate folding up strollers. Lauren is back with another Mom vs. Man challenge, and this time she's bet a man a case of beer that he can't fold a stroller in 60 seconds or less. It's the Ultimate Stroller Showdown! This looks like one of those strollers where you press a button and the whole thing is supposed to collapse. So what's his problem? Grab a beer yourself and enjoy his struggle.


Poor Larry was sweating! Okay, two things. First, note that the stroller stumped both the dad and the mom. Second, is that their stroller? I hope not -- because I'd hate to think they have this much trouble with it every time they use it.

Well I think we learned an important lesson here. This dad is clueless? NO! (Yeah, sort of.) It's that you should find out how the stroller collapses before you get that baby in your arms. Where's the button? Or is it a lever? Which way should you push once it starts collapsing? Heck, I'd even risk half-folding the stroller with the baby still in it just to answer that question first. But then, I'm sloppy that way. Better luck next time, dudes.

Is your stroller hard to close one-handed or is it a breeze?

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Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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