'Dora the Explorer' Movie Is Every Parent's Twisted Fantasy (VIDEO)

dora the explorer trailerIt's been a while since my kids were small enough to be obsessed with Dora the Explorer, but I remember those days all too well. Sure, the perky cartoon heroine can be a lifesaver on rainy, cranky afternoons, but it's only a matter of time before you start having sleep-deprived fantasies about that loud-mouthed little brat getting into the kind of trouble you can't get out of with the help of a talking map.

Any parent who knows what I'm talking about will dissolve into a fit of appreciative giggles at this hilarious live-action "trailer" for Dora the Explorer: The Search for the Infinity Orb starring Ariel Winter of Modern Family.


Oh, if only this were a real, full-length movie!! The only problem with this twisted little parody is that it's way too short. Is it appropriate to take a simple show for preschoolers and add gunfire and grenades? Probably not, but who among us hasn't imagined Dora's famous tag line, "Swiper, no swiping!" punctuated by a fiery explosion?!

And clearly I'm not the only one who thought the Map seemed a little less than sober. I'm the Map, I'm the *hiccup* Map, I'm the MAAAP!

Do you wish this Dora the Explorer parody was a full-length flick?

Image via College Humor

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