Kids Left Dad Behind During Road Trip & This Could So Happen to Any of Us

family road trip

Well, oops! You occasionally hear about parents forgetting their kids every once in a while, leaving them in stores and on top of cars (thankfully not that often). But a recent story about a family driving through Memphis, Tennessee on a summer vacation road trip is one for the record books ... and for laughs at that family's reunions for years and years to come. This time, the parent was the one that was accidentally left behind!


The kids, presumably teenagers who could drive, actually forgot their father at a roadside gas station and didn't realize he was missing from the car 'til 100 miles away. Can you imagine the look on the kids' faces when they realized their father wasn't there? I can totally see this happening to me when my kids are older. They are so dang distracted half the time that half the time I worry my walls are getting complexes from being yelled at so much.

Everyone had been taking turns sacking out in the backseat during the drive, and it was Dad's turn for some sack time. Apparently, no one noticed that the father had woken up and went into the gas station to use the restroom. The family drove off without him, thinking he was still asleep in the back.

When the dad, who thought someone had kidnapped his kids, called his cellphone that was still in the car, no one picked up. "Six different cellphones and nobody answers and my phone is in there because it's on the charger and nobody answers it and then it starts going straight to voicemail. I mean, that's odd."

He called police, but it was only when he managed to get on a computer and contact somebody via Facebook that he managed to get in touch with his family. It was all a big, innocent mix-up, of course. But a damn funny one.

I can only wonder if the family would still be driving oblivious to their father's absence if it weren't for Facebook. You know kids these days.

Can you imagine something like this happening in your own family?

Image via abhisawa/Flickr

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