Heartbroken Mom Watches Son Beaten by School Teacher on Video

I have all the sympathy in the world for teachers who have to deal with unruly and possibly even dangerous students, but this video is nuts. A hulking, 350-pound school teacher at a high school in Brooklyn beat down a reed-thin high school freshman. The Daily News obtained video of the incident. In the footage, it appears the kid did absolutely nothing to deserve this kind of treatment. Additionally, the teen's mother was reportedly told that her son, 15-year-old Kristoff John, had instigated the whole thing. It was only after she saw the video that she knew the truth.


It all started when Kristoff, who is short for his age at 5-foot-3 and who weighs only 116 pounds, was running late for class. He says he tried to swipe his security card, but it apparently didn't work, so he tried to walk through the turnstile anyway. If you watch the video, he does this while looking around at the adults nearby, apparently thinking that passing through was okay. He doesn't bum rush the turnstile or try to sneak through.

Then an extremely large teacher, Stefan Hudson, grabs the boy, propels him around, and slams him into a table. Totally uncalled for since all the kid was doing was standing there. Then the school police join in, and soon several adults are tackling the boy. At this point, the teen starts trying to get away. "I was fearing for my life," he said. I don't blame him. 

School officials then called Kristoff's mother and told her that the boy had instigated things and that they would do her a favor by not suspending him. It was only after she saw the video that she knew how things really went down.

The boy was left with a sore back -- and lucky it wasn't much worse. His mom was so horrified by what happened that she took him out of school and sent him to live with family in Grenada.

This kid was treated like a rampaging animal. The video has no audio, so perhaps he said something rude to the teacher to justify this over-the-top response? The school wouldn't respond to the Daily News, so we don't know. But it must have been awful for the teen's mother to see her son being tackled by several much larger adults.

If young male teens are going to be treated so viciously, can we really then wonder why some of them might not grow up to be perfect citizens?


Image via Daily News

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