Super Dog Pulls Amazing Feat to Save Drowning Toddler in Pool

black labWe write about a lot of tragic stories involving kids, but here's a sweet story to balance out the bitter. A family dog in Indiana rescued a 14-month-old boy who fell into a swimming pool. Aww, right? I love that! Disaster averted thanks to Bear, the black Labrador.

Patricia Drauch says she was walking with little son, Stanley, to the garage. And, being a toddler, of course he wandered off. She noticed he wasn't with her and found him face-up in their swimming pool. On Bear's back! He had jumped in to keep the boy from drowning.


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Isn't it amazing that Bear recognized Stanley was in danger and knew just what to do? If you've ever had a pet, you know that animals can be closely attuned to your family's emotions and needs. The Drauch family is so lucky Bear was around when Stanley fell into the water. Somehow he knew Stanley wasn't jumping in for fun -- it was an accident, and Stanley could have died. (And what the hell -- shouldn't they have a toddler-proof barrier around that pool?!?)

Anyway, Stanley is doing just fine. He was unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. but he's recovering. Patricia says, "There's no water in his lungs, so we all believe if it wasn't for Bear holding him up out of the water, he would have sunk down."

Gah! Good for them. Stanely owes his life to Bear and they will share a special bond for the rest of Bear's life. And hopefully Patricia will put something up around that swimming pool. You know how toddlers are.

Do you think your family pet would help protect your children?


Image via DrStarbuck/Flickr

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