Teacher Asks Kids to Wear Deodorant to School & Causes a Big Stink

Should teachers be able to send home notes to parents that touch on the more "intimate" aspects of a child's growth? Such as, you know, putting a sports bra or some deodorant on a young kid? That's the question asked by a mother on the Mouthy Housewives blog on The Huffington Post. Laments the mom:

My daughter is 9-years-old! I am NOT going to give her a complex about her teeny tiny boobs or a little bit of sweat. I don't think it is the teacher's place AT ALL to bring up bras and deodorant. In my opinion, it is a parenting issue.

Woah, hold up, lady! Let's go over the facts here before you send your braless child to school to stink up the classroom.


Your 9-year-old darling is spending eight hours or longer with people who are NOT YOU. You see your daughter when she wakes up, right after a bath or shower, and when she gets home, which is probably right before she bathes or showers. You aren't gonna get the full blast of middle-of-the-day or after-recess underarm perfume like her teachers and other students are.

Sorry, but a 9-year-old is not too young to be introduced to the rituals of womanhood -- not today, when girls are hitting puberty younger and younger. If your daughter gets her period at school and her teacher writes a note asking you to make sure that she has pads, are you going to squawk and cry, "Not my 9-year-old!" Hello?

Nobody is saying to teach your kid to be ashamed of her body. I don't think a bra (if needed) or a swipe of deodorant is any more encouraging a child to be ashamed of her body than is a good scrubbing with a bar of soap or flossing or brushing of teeth. It's basic hygiene and body care.

Additionally, the teacher who sent the note home to the touchy mom was pregnant -- which is WHY she suggested deodorant for those who might need it. Because she doesn't want to puke in the classroom if she gets nausceous from your child's aroma (which I'm sure charms your nose, but probably not everyone's). She's there to teach your kids. Get it?

Must we make everything tiny request into a big stink, parents? If your kid would be traumatized by a little deodorant, then I have no idea how he or she is going to get through the real trials and tribulations of life. Phew!

Should teachers be able to request that kid's put on deodorant?

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