Scaredy-Cat Dad Goes Berserk on Awesome Ride With Daredevil Daughter (VIDEO)

dad daughter rideFunny thing about amusement park rides: People either love 'em or hate 'em. And which particular camp one falls into doesn't seem to be related to age or gender or experience or temperament or anything else, so this video of a little girl having an amazingly awesome time on a ride while her dad crumbles into a big old pile of 'fraidy cat on the same ride shouldn't come as a surprise. But it still kind of does, because he's the dad and she's the kid and dads are supposed to be brave and kids are supposed to be apprehensive. Except, guess what?! It's way, way funnier when the roles are reversed. As you'll see in just a moment:


Yes, it appears the Screamin' Swing at Dollywood is the kind of ride that separates the men from the ... girls. Little Grace Elizabeth is loving every second of her Dolly Parton-endorsed fear fest, but her dad is just ... well, he's just screamin' on a swing.


Are you more like adventurous Grace Elizabeth or her panicky dad? How about your kids?


Image via bwinkeler1/YouTube


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