Pregnant Woman Has Surgery to Remove Her Unborn Baby's Huge Tumor (VIDEO)

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One of the most highly anticipated moments of any pregnancy is going to the doctor and seeing your baby's image on-screen during an ultrasound. It's something that every mother dreams of, which is why Tammy Gonzalez, a mom in Miami, was absolutely devastated when her 17-week ultrasound revealed something that looked like a big bubble coming out of her baby's mouth -- which turned out to be a tumor.

And instead of celebrating and sharing her ultrasound image with family and friends, Tammy was instead faced with a heart-wrenching decision. Her OBGYN told her she could either terminate the pregnancy, wait it out with the possibility of a miscarriage, or have doctors try and remove the tumor by performing surgery in utero.


After careful thought, Tammy and her husband decided to go ahead and let doctors try the surgery, which had never been performed before. The procedure was done under local anesthesia, and Tammy was awake the entire time. And miraculously -- the operation worked, and she literally saw the tumor being removed from her baby girl's mouth.

Almost two years later, Leyna Gonzalez is a perfectly happy and healthy toddler, thanks to the incredible in utero surgery she had. And other than a tiny scar on her mouth, you'd never know she once had a tumor growing there.

By sharing their story of what happened with their baby, the Gonzalez family is offering so much hope to other couples who are faced with the same life-altering choice after finding out there is something wrong with their baby during an ultrasound. The idea of having surgery performed in utero is definitely scary, but after hearing that little Leyna was born normal and healthy, it should give comfort to parents who are contemplating whether or not to go through with it.

And aside from the huge ray of hope their story offers, it also serves as a reminder of just how important getting routine ultrasounds during pregnancy is. Some pregnant women worry about whether having an ultrasound could potentially harm their baby, but conditions like Leyna's can't be diagnosed or treated without them.

You can hear more about baby Leyna's condition in the video below from a press conference with her parents and the doctors from Jackson Memorial Hospital.


How many ultrasounds have you had so far during your pregnancy?


Image via JacksonHealthSystem/YouTube

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