Principal Accused of Disgusting Sexual Advances on Students Makes Me Want to Home School

empty classroomWhen you hear about an assistant principal telling students to suck his balls, it's time to make sure you are on the PTA or something so you can really sniff out who is running the show at your kid's school. Disgusting, right? I wish I was making this up but 47-year-old assistant principal William Abreu at Progress High School for Professional Careers in Brooklyn allegedly asked a female student applying for a summer job at the school "Would you suck my balls for me? That's the things you have to do to succeed."

Abreu's reported harassment didn't end there, and it wasn't just one teen. There are three girls who have come forward with scathing accusations against the assistant principal. Brace yourself.


"You have to come to work looking sexy, so I can see how pretty you are," was another one of his alleged quips. The report which details all the supposed wrongdoings includes Abreu suggesting to one girl that she should have only anal sex so she remains a virgin.

Abreu is denying the charges and says that one of the girls is mad at him for giving advice that she didn't like to her boyfriend.

Whether or not this is true it is still concerning. In one instance you have completely outrageously disgusting behavior by an adult in power at a school to students. Or if the teens are lying, then you have three girls seemingly conspiring against a school official and making extremely damaging accusations that could ruin someone's career, if not their life.

I fear the teen years. I fear for them to make the right decisions if faced with someone -- particularly an adult authority figure -- who is completely out-of-line. I fear lying. I fear them not being comfortable enough to talk to me about things. I fear. I fear. I fear. But I know I can't. I can only teach them what's right and wrong and hope for the best. 

It also makes me want think twice about homeschooling. None of those school pressures. None of that lunchroom phobia. None of that worry that some assistant principal is going to ask your child to suck his balls. What is wrong with this world?!

What would you do if your teen came to you with this type of accusation?


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