Man Drops Baby While Trying to Make a Sandwich (VIDEO)

mom vs. manSo I was a stay-home mom for a couple years. (True story!) And I remember men asking me that question they always ask when they want someone to kick them in the balls: "What do you do all day?"

So glad you asked. CafeMom Studios has produced a new show called Mom Vs. Man just to answer that question! And in this week's episode we get to watch a man try to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while holding a baby and listening to an 8-year-old whine about missing the bus. It's super easy! Anyone can do it. Just watch.


Bwa ha ha, epic fail Luigi. No star bit for you! (Heh, Super Mario Galaxy joke, anyone?) Quick raise of hands, who pretty much knew it would go down like this? And didn't you love all his imaginary helpers who held the baby and opened jars for him? I want one of those. Brilliant move with the bag of potatoes -- no joke, that is pretty damn close to a heavy, unpredictably wiggly baby.

I remember the time I figured out how to apply mascara while nursing my newborn while getting ready (alone) for an event. You pick these things up quickly. Anyhoo ...

I hope this bumbling act has more to do with Luigi being a single, childless guy that just being a guy. Can't most dads pull off the baby-PBJ-bus act just fine? I know I'm not the one making school lunches in my household -- and you don't have to be a SAHM to find yourself trying to pull this task. I don't know if Luigi is planning on reproducing any time soon, but if he is, it sounds like he's got some practicing to do. Now pick up that sack of potatoes and that butter knife and make another sandwich!

Could you hold a baby and make a PBJ sandwich?

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Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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