Parents Accused of Planting Drugs to Frame School PTA President (VIDEO)

Kent and Jill Easter
Jill and Kent Easter
When we say we would do anything for our children, we don't really mean ANYTHING ... or we shouldn't. Take this couple from Irvine, California, Kent and Jill Easter, who took extreme action when they believed their son wasn't receiving adequate supervision at his elementary school. And I mean extreme.

Instead of speaking with school officials to address their concerns about a particular volunteer, they instead allegedly decided to plant drugs on her and then call police to get her into some hot water. According to the Los Angeles Times, after midnight one night in February 2011, Kent drove to the woman's house, put a bag of marijuana and some prescription drugs in her car where they were visible, then drove to a hotel and called police to report (with a fake name) that he'd seen the woman -- who is also president of the school's PTA president -- driving erratically and putting drugs in her car.


Police found the drugs, pulled the woman out of class, searched her home, and detained her for a couple of hours. Can you imagine how terrifying that would be. Especially for something you have no clue about? Fortunately, they cleared her quickly, and the Easters were eventually suspected. (They had reportedly sued the woman previously over an incident two years ago in which they say the woman locked their son out of a tennis lesson.) Video surveillance from the hotel as well as communications on their mobile devices pretty much nailed them.

Insane right? Even more insane is the fact that both parents are well educated -- they're attorneys! Now they're relying on attorneys to save them from jail, as they have been charged with three felonies and could face up to three years in prison.

I simply can't imagine how this problem they had with a volunteer could spark such extreme reaction. The woman was giving her time to help out in a school, and this is how she got paid? Even if there was a serious issue, there are so many other -- legal -- options they could have explored. I know those mama and papa bear instincts are strong, but wow did this backfire. Now their three children face years with their parents behind bars. It's truly tragic in so many regards.

It's one thing to want to protect your children at all costs, but resorting to crime is almost never worth the price.

What's the most extreme thing you've ever done on your children's behalf?


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