Mom Who Beat Daughter for Kissing Needs Lesson on When Hitting Kids Is Actually Okay

beltSome punishments clearly cross the line. This is one of them. 

A woman allegedly beat her 7-year-old daughter -- leaving bruises and lacerations -- for kissing a kindergarten classmate. A New Jersey judge ruled that she was not within her parental rights for a punishment that went well beyond a "customary spanking."


In court documents, the mother defended the beating saying it was within her constitutional rights to use that type of punishment. And believe it or not, an earlier court decision agreed with her. The first judge to hear the case didn't think the whupping was actually excessive. Huh? That is a serious head scratcher. But it's easy to see why that decision was reversed.

Prosecutors said photos of the girl showed bruises on her arms, back, buttocks and thoughts. She also had cuts to her buttocks and right though likely caused by the belt buckle. If this mom reacts like this over a little kiss, I shudder to think of what would happen if the little girl were to cuss or hit. There must be some line when it comes to corporal punishment.

I know, I know. Just who is going to set the standard outlining when it's okay to hit. Well, until the International Association of Spanking Parents comes out with an official rule book, parents will just have to use a bit of common sense. Kiss - a scolding, if even that. Stealing - a spanking, if that's your preference. In any circumstance, a spanking that results is bruising and lacerations is over-the-top. Giving birth to children doesn't give you the right to torture them.

Do you think this mom was within her rights?


Images via InExtremiss/Flickr

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