7-Year-Old Comes Out of Coma When Mom Sings Favorite Adele Song (VIDEO)

AdeleDoes your kid's taste in music drive you nuts? You might want to reconsider. British singer Adele's song "Rolling in the Deep" is getting credit today for waking 7-year-old Charlotte Neve out of a coma!

Charlotte had a rare brain hemorrhage, and doctors were telling her mom that she should prepare for the worst when the sassy British singer's song came on the radio. It was a favorite for the duo, and it proved enough to pull Charlotte back from unconsciousness!

Now, most of us are fortunate enough not to face a major medical emergency like the Neves. But this is the kind of medical miracle that's got me thinking a lot about how we parents use music on our own kids.


You hear about the healing power of music all the time, but do you ever think about how much you actually use it on your kids? Think about it.

When is the last time you turned up the music at full blast and danced around the living room with your kids to relieve a little stress? Or got your kiddo singing a silly song to distract them from their scraped knee? Until my daughter's iPod up and disappeared on us a week ago (seriously, if you have any ideas where a 7-year-old would accidentally forget an iPod in the house, help a sister out!), she went to sleep every night with tunes playing in her room.

At the very least, music is something that bonds us to our kids. I can't help wondering if that's what Adele's song did for Charlotte Neve. Her mom, Leila, said it was like it "unlocked" her. Makes good sense to me -- I know there are songs that take me right back to childhood and give me that feeling of sitting in my dad's truck, singing along to the radio! 

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How do you use music with your kids? What songs do your kids respond to?

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