Sneaky Parents Lie About Where They Live to Get Kid in Good Public School (VIDEO)

kings elementary

Westport, Connecticut is the kind of town families move to for the public schools. Nice facilities, good teachers and enriching programs every parent hopes their child will have at school.

So allegations that Christopher Kieras and his ex-wife Maria falsely enrolled their daughter in the local Kings Highway Elementary school even though they live 30 miles away is not a shocker. Parents will do that and much more to secure the best for their child.

But is it fair? Is it right? No, according to school officials, who are now going after the parents for the $27, 911 it took to educate their daughter for two school years.


The Kieras family is fighting the civil law suit. This isn't the town's first case like this. Last year they billed Heather Bliss and William Trudeau for $14,000 for enrolling their daughter in a Wesport school while living in a neighboring town.

I can certainly see these parents' perspective. No one wants their bright child to go to what they think is a substandard school just because of where they live. And, to be honest, it isn't fair.  But as extreme as the school district's reaction seems, it's the right thing to do. They have to send a message.

All public schools should provide a good education but that is just not the reality. The documentary Waiting For Superman was a frightening wake-up call for just how bad the situation is in this country. Still parents should not lie and cheat their way into a school district they do not pay taxes in. That creates an unfair drain on the resources of that school.

Do you think parents should be allowed to send their kids to any school they choose?

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