Teacher Orders Students to Hit Bully to Teach Him a Twisted Lesson

bullyingI think we can all agree that bullying in schools is problematic, and that attempts to combat it should be applauded. Well, most attempts anyway. Two Texas teachers recently offered a pretty good example of anti-bullying efforts gone bad ... really bad.

When a 6-year-old was demonstrating some bully behaviors, his exasperated kindergarten teacher wasn't sure what to do. So she sought advice from a fellow teacher. The recommendation: Bully the bully.

So that's just what the teacher did.


According to the Associated Press, in order to show little Aiden Neely why "bullying is bad," the teacher at Salinas Elementary in suburban San Antonio lined up her class of kindergartners then told them to "Hit him!" and "Hit him harder!" And they did -- even those who didn't want to, because they said they feared getting in trouble.

It's such a disturbing scene to even imagine, and to think that two teachers not only sat back and watched it happen, but orchestrated it. Both for Aiden and the entire class, the experience had to be horrific. Even more outrageous is that while the incident happened in May, the boy's mother only found out about it recently.

Not surprisingly, she is outraged that this was allowed to happen. Amy Neely, his mother, told KENS-TV, "Twenty-four of those kids hit him and he said that most of them hit him twice."

Fortunately, the school district has acted, and both teachers were placed on administrative leave. The teacher who orchestrated the hitting reportedly lost her job, while the fate of the younger teacher who sought her advice is yet undetermined. I can't imagine ever allowing either of them to teach children again.

Prosecutors are reviewing the case to determine if there should be formal charges against them as well, and I hope there are. These teachers should have known better, plain and simple. They misused their power, taught students a twisted lesson, and shouldn't be allowed to get away with it or trusted with the care of children again.

Can you imagine teachers doing something so outrageous? Do you think they should be charged criminally?

Image via Eddie S/Flickr

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