Toddler Fighting Cancer Inspires World-Wide Photo Trend (VIDEO)

gavin strongThere's a little superhero in West Virgina. Two-year-old Gavin Morris is doing serious battle with a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma that affects his nerve cells. He's a strong little kid -- and he likes to prove it with his adorable muscle-flexing poses. 

People started sending Gavin pictures of themselves flexing their muscles and Gavin's mother posted on the Be Gavin Stong Facebook page how much those pictures make her son smile. From there the trend just snowballed. People all over the state, then country, then the whole globe started sending Gavin photos of themselves flexing their muscles in solidarity with his fight. See Gavin and some of his supporters in this video.


Too cute -- imagine getting that kind of support from people all over the world! You know that must be feeding Gavin's resilience. All those positive vibes from people all over the world will surely help the little guy's morale. And it helps his family, too. They're also raising funds to help the Morris family cover his huge medical bills. 

I wish this could happen to every kid battling cancer. But in a way, I think these "Gavin Strong" photos really are for every sick child. Every time we hear about a small child fighting some terrifying disease we all want to send that child some of our strength. We just don't always see such a visual manifestation of that wish! I hope it's enough to help Gavin win.

Do you think public support like this can help a child survive cancer?


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