Having Down Syndrome Isn't What Makes This Girl 'Special' (VIDEO)

emma mutz Emma Mutz has the distinction of being one of the most energetic, lively, funny, good-natured kids I've ever seen. Maybe 11-year-old Emma, who stars in this installment of the CafeMom Studios series Our Special Life, is so cool because she's the baby in a family of 12 children. Maybe Emma's so full of life because she's been a passionate swimmer since she was just a tot. Oh, have I mentioned yet that Emma has Down Syndrome? I almost forgot, because Emma is so incredibly "special" in so many ways.

Her mom Pamela says "there's no better place than a large family" for a kid with special needs, and I think she must be right.


As her mom says, "Emma doesn't know a stranger in the world." Growing up surrounded by people who love her, Emma instantly sees the good in everyone she meets.

And of course, I can't give enough credit to Emma's mom, who has always appreciated and valued Emma for exactly who she is. Who she is just happens to be an extraordinarily special girl.

What do you think it is that makes Emma such a special kid?

Image via CafeMomStudios/YouTube

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