Mortifying Mom Storms Onto Ice During Son's Hockey Game to Break Up Fight (VIDEO)

Hockey MomI think we can all relate to wanting to do what the hockey mom in the following video does. It's the fact that she actually did it that's so unbelievable.

During a youth hockey game in Boston, a fight breaks out, as fights often do in hockey. However, when the refs don't do enough to save her precious son from the blows, she marches out onto the ice, in front of the entire crowd, and lets them have it. With her finger wagging, she unleashes a few expletives as the refs tell her to get off of the ice. Watch after the jump.



My favorite part is that she brought her purse with her!

The woman hasn't been identified as of yet, and I'm not sure how old her son is, but can you even imagine how mortified he was/is/always will be? I cringe for him.

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In the lady's defense, however, that ref on the right was doing nothing to stop the fight. He was just standing there, watching. If someone was pummeling my kid like that, I would find it hard to hold myself back too. I would ... or at least I hope I would. That mama bear instinct is pretty strong though, even if puts you on some pretty thin ice sometimes.

What do you think about this hockey mom -- bad move or bad ass?


Image via YouTube

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