8-Year-Old Slashes Classmate & Parents Have Nerve to Blame Teachers

razor bladeParents have always been concerned about their kids getting to school safely, but it looks like the worry shouldn't end at the front doors.

An 8-year-old student from the Bronx is accused of slashing a 9-year-old classmate in the neck with a double-edge razor.

The fight went down during recess where the kids were arguing in the play yard. The younger of the two whipped out the weapon and cut the other one, who was rushed to the hospital, stitched up, and released.

How scary is that?! Rough high schools are one thing but this is ridiculous. It's like Lean on Me for the Elmo-adoring set. But as disturbing as it is to picture this half-pint playing Freddy Krueger, I find it even more shocking that school parents are BLAMING THE TEACHERS for the violence.


Many say classes are overrun with "problem children" because the administration is not strict enough when it comes to discipline. (I should note that this school has a history of behavioral issues. The students are so bad, the principal canceled the fifth grade graduation ceremony.)

Now, I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt the teachers are arming them with shanks and encouraging a round of The Hunger Games near the swing set. It's not reading, writing, and assault with a deadly weapon.

The problems these students have began long before they landed in those classrooms. Violence is a learned behavior and most kids learn it in their homes or from those closest to them. That means it's the parents' job to teach them right and wrong, to respect the lives of others, and how to resolve differences without violence. Of course teachers should reinforce those life lessons, but is it really fair to make it their job to curb anti-social or homicidal tendencies?

Now, I do think kids can pick up bad habits at school, but a willingness to literally cut another student's throat is beyond that. It’s ultimately the parents responsibility to shape them into good, decent people.

What do you think? Are the teachers to blame for these out-of-control students?

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