Pregnant Woman Falls Through the Kitchen Ceiling & Gives Birth

pregnantA pregnant woman in Nottingham, England got the shock of her life when she fell through her upstairs bathroom floor and landed in her kitchen, at which point she felt her water break -- sending her into premature labor at 35 weeks.

Apparently the bathroom had been undergoing renovations, and the floor was only covered by "plasterboard and joists." After Jo Tointon fell, she immediately panicked because she thought she'd broken her back -- and she was concerned about whether or not her baby had been injured in the fall. But even through her fear, she was able to keep things light and joke around a bit with the paramedics. She told them, "One way or another, I think I'm going to have a baby today."


As it turns out, Jo was right. She was rushed to the hospital shortly after the paramedics arrived, and ultimately delivered her son via C-section. The baby weighed in at 4 pounds, 4 ounces, and is still in intensive care.

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I have to say, out of all the possible scenarios I thought might put me into labor when I was pregnant with my son -- crashing through the ceiling never once entered my mind. I worried about my water breaking at the grocery store, or while I was driving, and I even got concerned that I'd go into early labor while flying at seven months pregnant -- but who knew falling through the floor could actually be a possibility?

Considering just how delicate her condition was and how far she fell (10 feet), it's a wonder that Jo wasn't injured -- and it's a miracle that her baby survived. He sure sounds like a little fighter -- and hopefully he'll get to go home with his mother in the near future. (And let's also hope the hole in the floor has been fixed by the time they get back!)

What do you think would be the oddest way or most inopportune place to go into labor?


Image via loufi/Flickr

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