Neighborhood Gets Into Uproar Over Sidewalk Chalk (VIDEO)

sidewalk chalk In the latest outrageous example of grumpy, rude people trying to wipe the world clean of any signs of children, a Colorado community is trying to outlaw the use of sidewalk chalk. It seems the bright flowers and rainbows that adorn their concrete are making some residents crazy, and they're calling for a halt to its use.

Yes, it's true, people really are up in arms about it in a Colorado subdivision called Stapleton in which residents share a common courtyard. According to CBS 4, some have complained about the childhood practice, calling it "distracting and offensive," and now the Homeowner's Association is out to ban the practice.


Resident Sarah Cohen is the mother of one would-be outlaw, Emerson, who is 3. She said she's shocked and outraged that anyone would have a problem with such a simple, childhood pastime in what's supposed to be a family-friendly neighborhood. “It’s summertime and God forbid my daughter is drawing flowers, her name, and hearts,” she told the station.

People really need to get grip and lighten up. If some kid's drawings on the sidewalk in front of you is really going to get you that riled up, then you have a pretty sad and pathetic life. If it was full of profanity or other questionable content, that would be one thing, but we're talking rainbows and hearts here. It washes off in the rain for goodness sake!

From booting kids from airplanes and banning them in restaurants to HOAs that find Big Wheels too noisy to handle, there are people out there who really find children and everything about them intolerable. And it's ridiculous. No, you don't have to coddle and coo over them, but they are human beings. They are the future of this country, and I don't think allowing them to enjoy their childhood should be too much to ask.

Do you think it's outrageous that a community would try to ban sidewalk chalk?


Image via katerha/Flickr

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