Cute Kid Joyfully Tastes Root Beer for First Time & Judgy Moms Go Ballistic (VIDEO)

noah root beerAww, look at that happy kid! He's so happy! There's nothing like the pure, unadulterated joy of early childhood. Why is little Noah so happy? Well, because he just had his first taste ever of root beer.

Are you still seeing a happy kid in that picture? You should be. Unfortunately, a lot of people see something else. Once they hear that this child has been given that toxic devil's brew -- SODA -- to drink, they see a sugar-buzzed tot doomed to a future of obesity and ADHD and addiction and god knows what else.

Some of the more, er, emphatically opinionated comments posted on YouTube include:

"Future alcoholic"


"It's like instant autism"

"root beer → beer → hard alcohol → joints → mdma → cocaine → heroine → bath salts → eat a hobbo's head → death.

Good luck with life, Noah ... "

A little harsh, don't you think?! Especially that last one? (Also, that's not how you spell "hobo.")


Look, I'm not a huge fan of soda myself and I don't let my kids drink it on a regular basis, but do I think the occasional corn syrup-laden beverage at the movies or somebody's birthday party is going to ruin them for life?

NO. And it's not going to ruin Noah's life, either. Obviously. It's ridiculous that anyone would imply otherwise. But you know what really bothers me about some people's reactions to this video?

What really bothers me is that certain judgmental viewers immediately jump to the conclusion that Noah's parents are gonna give him soda with every meal from now until the moment they roll his obese, toothless self out the door to ... well, not college, since his soda-induced behavior issues will prevent any measure of academic success.

For all any of us knows, Noah lives on organic wheatgrass and flax meal. Not that it's any of our concern, either way.

Watch this adorable video and tell me:

Don't you think people are overreacting to this cute little boy's first taste of root beer?

Image via Jamest77vb/YouTube

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