A 'Doggie Doula' Can Help Your Pet Get Along With Your Newborn

dog wearing hatI loved having a doula. London King of Push Love was amazing and calming and opened my eyes to so much. It was also a great experience for my husband, who felt empowered and supported. And if I had a dog, I bet London would have talked to the pup all about the baby on the way, too. But did you know you could hire a doula just for your fur baby? I didn't either. Until now.

Yes, if you are pregnant and you have a baby on the way, you may need a Doggy Doula. At first I thought it was ridiculous. Excessive. But I can see how this could be seriously helpful.


You know how many pets get kicked out of their home after baby comes along? It happens. Sadly. Sometimes things just don't work out. Hopefully they get placed into a loving new home. But maybe, just maybe, co-habitation could be possible with a doggie doula. If you have a dog or a cat who is used to being the center of attention and you're pregnant, once baby arrives, that's going to be quite a shock for your furry one. Lap time decreases. Those high pitch cutie noises are made for the baby instead of Fido. Heck, all the Facebook photos you once posted of your dog gets replaced by the baby. It can be quite an ego hit for your pup.

How do you even break the news to the little barker that you have his human replacement on the way? There isn't a What to Expect When Your Human Mom Is Expecting for dogs.

Colleen Safford is a “Doggy Doula” based in NYC who helps train dogs whose human parents are expecting or have toddlers. She helps reduce the stress, jealousy, and anxiety many dogs feel when a real baby enters their lives. 

“Everyone thinks supervision is enough, but it’s about the relationship and understanding your dog’s body language,” she told NY Daily News. Safford is a mom of three human kids and many furry ones. She's also a certified dog trainer and behaviorist. A doggy doula session will run you about $150 per session and she works by Skype or by phone consultation if you aren't in the NYC area.

One of her clients said that Safford's doggie doula service helped make her new baby and her fur baby become little buddies.

What do you think? Too excessive? Or would you get a doggie doula if you needed help to live in harmony?


Image courtesy of Kimberly Land

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