Mom Delivers One Twin in Taxi, Other One in Ambulance

taxi ambulanceThere are quite a few things to celebrate in this story about the woman pregnant with twins who delivered one baby in a taxi cab in NYC and had the second one in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. As a twin mama myself, I love that this lady had twins and it wasn't a c-section. This is even more proof twins can be born vaginally.

It's also further proof that women are incredibly amazing creatures who can do things like go through one of the most life-changing moments in the back seat of a NYC taxi cab and give birth without any drugs. But we all knew that already, right?

I'm a New Yorker -- lots of life changing moments do happen in the back seats of cabs (I'll never tell), but not one could be as special as this.


It all started on Thursday morning, when an unidentified woman pregnant with twins started to go into very active labor. She got into a taxi cab and baby A was ready to come out. And then she did! An ambulance was called and the cab pulled over to Clinton and Delancey Streets where they were met by EMS who were able to cut the baby girl's cord and wrap her in a foil blanket. Apparently there was a language barrier as the mom spoke Spanish. And yet everyone stayed completely calm.

I can only imagine the adrenaline going through her body while rushing to the hospital. That can take away all the "pain".

Paramedics then transported mama in labor with baby B into their vehicle to try to get her to Bellevue Hospital to have the other twin. But this little girl didn't want to wait either. She was born en route right there in the back of the ambulance.

What an incredible birth story! I wonder if they paid the taxi driver? I wonder if the driver realized what a magical thing happened in his cab ... or was he cranky that he missed a lot of fares after that? Only in New York.

Mama and baby girls are doing well. Dad is said to be very proud now that he's the papa of four daughters. The couple already had two girls before they added the twins to their brood. Congrats!

Do you ever worry you'll be in an "unusual" place when you go into labor?


Image via Mollenborg/Flickr

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