Parents Abandon 6-Year-Old 'Werewolf' Girl Because She's Covered in Hair

This is a very sad story about a little girl in China but it does have a happy ending, I promise. A British photo agency, Rex Features, discovered a beautiful little 6-year-old girl in China whose body is covered in thick black hair. At least 70 percent of her body is covered, including most of her back, one arm, and the entire side of her face. The girl appears to suffer from hypertrichosis, or "werewolf syndrome." And because of her strange appearance, the little girl was dropped off at a local nursery as a baby by her parents, who then never returned.


The nursery put an ad in the paper, begging for relatives of the little girl to come forward and help. And guess what? A relative DID come forward and decided to raise her. And the relative is ... A MAN. I don't know, when I was reading this, I just expected it would be a female relative. But nope, it was the grandfather of one of the girl's cousins. Imagine being a man in China -- where people still routinely abort and abandon female babies -- and coming forward to not only take care of a little girl, but a girl who has hair growing all over her body. I just love this grandfather. By the way, he's only 48.

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The grandfather also sends the girl, Liu Mingying, to school. He says he wants to keep doing so, but is starting to become worried about her being bullied. Kids have already nicknamed her "The Little Monkey." Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease, though the hair can be reduced with treatments.

The media, as well as life, is so often filled with stories of men not stepping up to care for their children, or who care for them improperly, that it was heartwarming to read about a man who stepped up and cared when no one else would.

Were you surprised that a male relative stepped up?


Image via Macinate/Flickr

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