Toddler Slips Through Balcony & Dangles From Building (VIDEO)

toddler hanging by headIf you ever needed a reminder that toddlers should be closely watched at all times, here it is. Sunday morning a 3-year-old boy slipped out onto his family's patio from their fourth-floor apartment. Somehow he managed to fall through a crack there, and down he went. Only his head got wedged in the crack, so there he was hanging by his head 40 feet above the earth.

The images are horrifying, but fortunately the outcome was unbelievably positive and pretty amazing too.


According to Beijing Cream, the boy's neighbors in China's Guangdong province called 911 after hearing him screaming. Before they could get to the boy, however, an amazing and as of yet unidentified neighbor crawled out on to the building and pushed the child up. I'm not sure why no one up was up on the balcony trying to help him up or where his parents were, but thank goodness for this man's help.

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Incredibly, the child is said to have escaped the whole situation with no injuries. Here you can see the poor little boy hanging there and the dramatic rescue.

I still can't believe he's okay after that, but thank goodness he is.

While it's a dramatic example for sure, it is a reminder that now especially -- as warm weather allows summer breezes to waft in through patio doors and windows -- that toddlers can and will escape if we don't have safety measures in place.

Regularly we see stories of young children who fall from windows and end up severely injured or even killed. No one thinks it will happen to their child, but too often it does. Hopefully this boy's terrifying ordeal will provide a reminder to all parents to secure their doors and windows, and most importantly to always watch them closely.

Do you have safety measures on your windows and balconies?


Image via YouTube

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