Soldier Reunited With Pregnant Wife Hours Before Her Emergency Delivery (VIDEO)

soldier reunites with pregnant wife

Megan Keeney's wishes finally came true yesterday evening when her husband, Jonathan Keeney, returned home to West Virginia after being in Afghanistan for his second tour of duty. And what made their reunion even sweeter was the fact that he'd been there since Christmas Day of 2011, so he'd missed most of the duration of Megan's pregnancy.

And after getting a long awaited hug and kiss from his wife, the first thing Jason did was put his hand on her baby bump to connect with their unborn son.

It's always emotional when a soldier returns home, but what really makes their story even more amazing is that Jonathan arrived just in the nick of time -- because Megan is scheduled to give birth tonight.


Sadly, their baby boy has been diagnosed with a heart condition, which will require him to have emergency surgery immediately upon birth. And the situation must be incredibly serious, because Megan is going to be intubated for his delivery.

Hearing the news that there was some sort of complication with her unborn baby had to be so devastating for Megan -- but to have to deal with the diagnosis without Jonathan by her side to support her? I can't even imagine.

I had a fairly easy and routine pregnancy with my son, but I still leaned on my husband quite a bit for reassurance and comfort during those nine months. I definitely had my ups and downs while I was expecting, but having him there as a constant source of support seemed to put my mind at ease and helped me relax.

It must have been so difficult for Megan & Jonathan to be apart during such an important period in their lives -- and things were probably even unbearable at times after hearing about their baby's condition.

My thoughts and prayers are definitely with them today, and it's just such a blessing that Jonathan made it home in time to be at his wife's side tonight when their son is born. Hopefully they will draw comfort from being together, no matter what happens next.

You can watch Megan & Jonathan's reunion in the video clip below.

Would you be able to handle being apart from your husband during your pregnancy?


Image via Charleston Daily Mail

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