Baby Crawling Contest Is Too Cute To Be Weird (VIDEO)

fastest baby raceWhat's cuter than a Fastest Crawling Baby Contest?

The answer, of course, is noth -- hmm.

Suddenly it occurs to me that the concept of racing babies is a little ... odd.

I mean, they're not greyhounds, after all. It's not like they're going after the Triple Crown.

They're just little freakin' babies!

Aw, but would you look at the darling little numbers on their sleeves! That's it, my money's on #4!! Go, baby, go!

(Wait, was that weird?)


It's not like they're running a 5K or anything (it's actually a 5 meter). And realistically, how else are these babies gonna pass the time? Might as well crawl across a rug while a big crowd of people inexplicably hoots and hollers. What's so wrong about --

Hang on. So my 6-year-old son just watched this video and said, "Um, that's kind of mean to the babies. They don't even know why they're supposed to be crawling."

Out of the mouths of babes?

Nah! What does he know? He's just a kid!!! Final answer: Racing babies are adorable!!

Do you think this "fastest crawling baby race" is cute or weird?

Image via AOL

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