Texting Moms Blamed for Messing Up Their Baby's Development

textingMoms! Put down that phone for a second and listen up! Scientists have new ammunition to tell you that you are just plain awful at this whole parenting thing! Their latest? Texting in front of your baby is going to turn him into a dud!

OK, so they had more scientific terms, namely: texting while parenting has a bad effect on babies' developing brains. The scientists say kids "disengage" while their moms are focusing on their phones. And I'm sure they're absolutely right, if all you ever do with your kid is plop them on the couch and bam away at those wee little keys with your thumbs. But let's get real. 


Who does that?

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I'm sure some moms do, but if they do, they're not the type who read parenting websites like this one, looking for parenting tips to make sure that their kid has the absolute best. So I'm going to put it to you straight: text! Go ahead! If you need diapers, and your significant other has the chance to swing by the store on the way home, text. With the price of gas, I wouldn't want him to waste a trip.

Just do it in moderation ... like everything else. (Should I mention I'm not a doctor? I probably should ... so here it is; I'm a parent, not an M.D.)

This naughty news about texting in front of baby is a blip on the radar this is sure to terrify new moms. And I'm glad ... in the sense that every mom should keep on her toes because you never KNOW what kind of stuff is going to come out of a research lab that is worth listening to. But in the real world, I'm a moderation type of gal.

TV? Yes. I watched it. Because I was going to go out of my mind if I didn't hear something other than "bark, waaaaaaaaah, meow, bark, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" during my maternity leave. Phone? Yes, you can talk on it, for awhile. Because the kid does not need your every single moment. Really. Good moms can still speak English at the end of the day instead of babble ... they're better at modelling good speech that way. The same goes for Facebooking moms. As long as it's not your whole life, your baby will survive. I swear (although, heck, what do I know? My kid was a baby during the MySpace years ... it moves that fast).

Do you text in front of your baby? What do they do while you're texting?


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