Rowdy Mother Arrested at Daughter's High School Graduation Should Have Behaved

Your child is graduating from high school and we know that you are sooooooo excited, moms! Sooooooo incredibly excited that you wanna whoop and holla. You want to scream it from the rooftops. My kid graduated from high school! My kid (hopefully) is going to college! My kid has a future! Whoop, whoop, whoooooooop! Did you ever think that this is, I don't know, kind of disrespectful and annoying? No, of course you didn't. Because it's all about YOUR KID. Whoooooooop! Well, one mother in South Carolina learned the hard way about being too loud at graduation. Her whooping and hollering got her arrested.


Shannon Cooper was escorted out of her daughter's high school graduation, placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, and put in a detention center. I'm not sure what a detention center is, but it doesn't sound like the way a mom wants to celebrate her daughter's graduation.

Shannon reportedly told a local news station:

Are y'all serious? Are y'all for real? I mean, that’s what I’m thinking in my mind. I didn’t say anything. I was just like okay, I can’t fight the law.

Apparently excess cheering had gotten to be such a problem at graduations that police had warned parents beforehand that there would be a "zero tolerance" policy. Those cheering too loudly would be expelled from the ceremony and even arrested if need be.

I completely understand the bursting pride that must come with seeing your child graduate from high school. But other parents want to hear their child's name called too. And imagine you are a child who follows a kid who had 50 people whooping and screaming -- and you've got one person politely clapping. Or nothing. Not all kids have big families, or even ONE parent to watch them graduate.

The time for whooping and hollering can be after the ceremony at a private celebration. Should parents be ARRESTED for this activity? No. An arrest record is serious business and can disrupt finding employment. Should a parent miss her child's graduation because she can't control herself? Yep.

Do you think parents who cheer too loud should be arrested?


Image via scot2342/Flickr

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