Singing Sisters Lennon & Maisy Are the Antidote to Rebecca Black (VIDEO)

lennon and maisyThink of 12-year-old Lennon and 8-year-old Maisy as the antidote to Rebecca Black and the "Hot Problems" girls:

The sisters are making a splash on YouTube for actually being good singers.

I know, I know -- crazy!

But it's true: The sisters' cover-of-a-cover is getting all the right kinds of attention. A stripped-down version of Erato's already stripped-down version of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend," the clip currently getting a gajillion views proves these two are the real thing (as in, musical talent, not just an appetite for pop stardom).


They're not one-hit wonders, either. "Call Your Girlfriend" is all the rage right now, but the sisters have a bunch of other stellar covers up on YouTube, too (check out the insane harmonies on "When Your Mind's Made Up" by the Swell Season).

As the mom of two musical kids, I can't decide which aspect of Lennon and Maisy's collaboration impresses me more -- the fact that they're so gifted or the fact that they're doing something together, as siblings, without ripping each other's hair out (as far as we know, anyway).

Just watch:

Pretty amazing, right?

Are your kids into music? What do they like to sing?


Image via lennonandmaisy/YouTube

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