Day at Park Leads to HIV Nightmare for Toddler

playgroundFor all of the awesome, free entertainment and enjoyment public parks provide, they're also filled with plenty of dangers. Some -- like accidents from going down a slide with a child on our lap -- we can try to prevent, but there are others so awful, no one could anticipate them happening. Things like what happened to 2-year-old Siann Parkinson recently that has her family fearing she could have HIV.

According to a story in The Sun, the toddler was having a lovely day with her mother in the park near her house in the U.K. She was having a blast rolling down a grassy hill, when all of a sudden her mother heard her scream. She saw blood, but what she saw next was even worse.


It seems Siann had rolled over a syringe -- the kind used by drug dealers -- and it had pierced her skin. Mom Annabel described to the Daily Mail just how quickly it happened at the park they frequented regularly:

One moment Siann was playing happily, throwing a ball for Jessie, our Staffordshire terrier dog, and rolling down the embankment in the park and the next we were rushing to hospital. She shouted out and I could see the needle in her hand, I thought she had picked it up but then I noticed blood on her right thigh and realised she had pulled it out of her leg.

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They rushed to the hospital, and while initial tests were run, they have to wait an agonizing three months for final word as to if Siann has contacted HIV. Medical professionals say the chances are small, but I can only imagine how agonizing even the smallest possibility that your baby has HIV would be during those months.

It's terrifying that something as innocent as rolling down a hill could turn so dangerous so quickly. It certainly doesn't mean we shouldn't frequent parks just because of one freak accident, but it does serve as an important reminder that as idyllic as parks seem, unfortunately, that's not always the case.

What's the most dangerous thing you've found in a public park?

Image via ell brown/Flickr

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