5th Grader Gets Presidential Pardon for Missing School (VIDEO)

Barack Obama and Tyler SullivanNo matter what you think of his politics, you have to admit that President Obama made a pretty cool move last Friday when he gave fifth grader Tyler Sullivan the best excuse ever for missing school.

His father, Ryan, was introducing the President at a Honeywell plant in Golden Valley, Minn., and Tyler skipped school to attend. He got a chance to meet Obama after the event, and as they were talking, he said the President asked him if he needed an excuse for missing school. Tyler told CNN that he was "shocked" and didn't know what to say.

The next thing he knew, the President was writing an official, handwritten note to his teacher on Presidential paper. It read:


Mr. Ackerman — Please excuse Tyler ... he was with me! Barack Obama.

Mr. Ackerman surely couldn't argue with that, now could he? While school is important, there are just some experiences outside the classroom that are more valuable. This clearly was one for Tyler.

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Mr. Ackerman appeared on CNN with Tyler this morning, and said that he had no idea where Tyler was that day until after the fact. He said that it couldn't have happened to a better student, and based on the interviews I've seen, he seems like an all around nice kid. What a wonderful memory for him.

When I first heard the story, my immediate question was who would get to keep the note. I was hoping the school and/or teacher wouldn't try to claim it as theirs since it was written to the teacher. Fortunately Mr. Ackerman seems to be content with just making a copy of it.

What's the best excuse your kid has ever had for missing school?

Image via CNN

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