Mom Owes Garbage Truck Driver Big Time for Saving Her Baby's Life (VIDEO)

runaway strollerAccidents are called accidents for a reason -- we don't do them on purpose. Most of the time they happen in a split second; that split second when your mind sputters and you don't do what you are supposed to do.

Like this mom who didn't put the brake on her stroller when she stopped at the top of a hill. It could have ended very badly if it wasn't for Jeff Blackburn, a quick-thinking garbage truck driver in Seattle who slammed on his brakes and honked his horn to warn the oncoming FedEx driver of the child in the stroller careening through the intersection. See the frightening incident for yourself ....


Blackburn, a CleanScapes driver, said he saw the mom jogging up the hill with her child in the stroller. When she reached the top, she must have stopped and neglected to put the brake on. The stroller with her child in it really picked up speed as we see it come into view in front of Blackburn's truck. That's when he started beeping his horn to alert others and sprang into action to try to stop the runaway stroller. A woman walking her dog also ran to the rescue, and she and Blackburn got to the stroller before the mother was able to. Blackburn said the child was laughing and was fine.

It all happened so fast, but the mother seemed to want to leave the area quickly once she was reunited with her child. It almost appears that she pushed Blackburn's hand off the stroller when she should have been thanking him. She barely checks on the kid when she gets there. But I bet her adrenaline was in full force, her nerves may have gotten the best of her, and her reaction was to just get the heck out of there. She had to be quite shaken by the incident and hopefully will never forget the brake again. She's probably very embarrassed about her blunder. I wonder if she knows it was all caught on tape. Someone may have recognized her by now.

Sure makes babywearing seem like the sometimes absent-minded parents way to go. Though jogging while wearing your kid could prove challenging and not recommended if you are klutzy like me. I'll admit -- I've forgotten the brake before, but thankfully never on a hill, and never did it roll more than a foot. This story reminds me to be even more diligent with the brake on my stroller because accidents happen when we least expect them. And who knows if a camera is rolling when it does. 

Have you ever had an incident where you forgot to put the brake on your stroller?

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