Cancer Survivor Gives Birth to Twins Despite Her 'Infertility'

baby handThirty-two-year-old Clair Sudron was understandably heartbroken when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo four rounds of chemotherapy -- but the real devastation came when doctors told her the treatments probably left her unable to ever have children due to infertility.

The idea of never having her own children was definitely a difficult pill to swallow -- so you can only imagine the shock Clair experienced when she found out she was indeed pregnant about a year after her treatment ended. In fact, when she first started having pregnancy symptoms, she assumed she was just feeling the effects of the chemo. But several positive pregnancy tests confirmed that she was not dreaming -- she was expecting! And if being able to conceive after cancer wasn't enough of a surprise -- the news that she was carrying twins really blew her away!


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Clair and her husband are now the proud parents of two baby girls, Scarlett and Bella, who are healthy and absolutely beautiful. And I'm sure each and every single time they look at their babies, they are reminded of just how drastically life can change in an instant. Things definitely have a way of working out the way they're supposed to -- and happy endings do happen!

If Clair's story isn't the perfect reminder to always have faith and never give up hope that a miracle will happen, then I don't know what is. It must have been so emotional to go from what she thought was possibly the end of her life -- to actually creating two new tiny lives to love and nurture. Those two little angels were definitely meant to be, and I can't think of a bigger blessing after suffering through and surviving breast cancer.

Do you know anyone else who has gotten pregnant even when the odds were stacked against them?


Image via Richard Welter/Flickr

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